Berlin celebrates the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall
Berlin began on Sunday to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall with a festival and a tribute to all those who, on November 9, 1989, brought down the East German dictatorship.

It is the ordinary citizen who is at the center of the celebrations under the slogan "value freedom", unlike the 20th Anniversary, which was paraded heads of state and government in office worldwide.

From early morning, visitors began to gather around the stands of mulled wine and sausages to the symbolic Brandenburg Gate in the east when the city was divided.

Beginning at 14 am (13 GMT) there will be a big party, where a classical orchestra, rock stars and former political dissidents share the stage.

The founder of Genesis, Peter Gabriel, play at night "Heroes" song by David Bowie when I lived in West Berlin.
The day began with Mass in the Chapel of Reconciliation, built in the "Death Strip" separating the two sides of the Wall. It was followed by an official ceremony of the German, very brief government, which met under the gray sky and chilly winter a few dozen people.

Representatives of civil movements spoke, while German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and others nailed roses in the remnants of the Wall, in memory of East Germans who died trying to flee the GDR.

"It lasted a long time and many people had to suffer before they could open the wall," said the foreign minister told reporters, who grew up in the former GDR and whose political career began thanks to the events of 25 years ago.

And "not only in Germany, also in Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and many other countries, and now we have to think about that," he said.

During a reception on Saturday evening, Merkel manfiesto that "the human need for freedom can not be drowned forever."

Over a million German and foreign visitors are expected in Berlin this weekend to commemorate the event that ended the Cold War and allowed the reunification of Germany and Europe, according to estimates by the tourism body Visit Berlin.

Thousands of them walked into the night 15 km by the Wall, an itinerary decorated on Friday with 6,900 luminous globes persisted.

Some of them had headlights to follow the path of the wall that surrounded East Berlin, making it an island in the heart of the GDR.

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