Doctor Who: 9 unique things that have happened since the 50th Anniversary

Doctor Who: 9 unique things that have happened since the 50th Anniversary
    Doctor Who: 9 unique things that have happened since the 50th Anniversary
    It’s almost been a year since the entire world went crazy for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary and The Day of the Doctor starring David Tennant and Matt Smith.

    But a lot has happened in the world of Who between now and then; check out all these utterly unique things that have occurred since November 23, 2013.

    Twelve regenerations limit gone

    Yup, we all thought this might happen and, thankfully, in The Time of the Doctor Gallifrey popped back through Amy Pond’s crack to give the Time Lord a whole new life cycle.

    Current show runner Steven Moffat recently said it’ll go on for as long as it needs to, with no limits in place. Phew!

    Steven Moffat created another new Doctor

    The Time of the Doctor again.

    When explaining his regeneration cycle to Clara, Matt Smith revealed that the Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant, was actually his eleventh and twelfth regenerations (John Hurt’s War Doctor being the ninth, as explained in The Name of the Doctor and The Day of the Doctor).

    Apparently, he regenerated into himself (in the Series 4 finale) as he had ‘vanity issues’. Confused?

    New longest serving companion

    Well, in case you don’t, he became the Doctor’s buddy in The Time of the Doctor and stayed with Matt Smith for around 300 years.

    Almost as old as Peter Capaldi.

    The Doctor was cry-baby child in a barn

    Who would’ve thunk it? Clara discovered the young Doctor unable to sleep in Listen and ended up creating his fear of the dark.

    In the young Gallifreyan’s defence, his guardians were hardly sympathetic.

    The Moon is an egg
    Perhaps one of the boldest moves ever in Doctor Who. Our orbiting satellite will turn into a gargantuan Space Dragon, after hatching, in 2049 according to the superb story, Kill The Moon.

    The TARDIS ended up in a handbag

    Without coming over all Lady Bracknell, a handbag???

    The brilliant episode Flatline saw the TARDIS shrunkified (not for the first time in the show’s history), though its internal dimensions remained the same; allowing for a lot of amusing hand action.

    Clara, ever the wag, popped it in her handbag.

    The Doctor swears

    The psychic paper betrayed the Malcolm Tucker side to the Time Lord in Dark Water, where it included much swearing. He explained, ‘I’ve got a lot of internalised anger.’ I bet you do.
    Technically not that unique, as we had previously discovered in Neil Gaiman’s The Doctor’s Wife that Time Lords could change gender, but it was a first for the renegade Time Lord and former pal of the Doctor.

    The sexual chemistry between Peter Capaldi and Michelle Gomez, however, was nowhere near as Tumblr-breaking as John Simm and David Tennant.

    Companion gets their name before the Doctor and face in the credits

    The horror! Though nobody believed she actually was the Doctor in the recent finale Death in Heaven, Jenna Coleman got her name before Peter Capaldi’s in the credits along with her own impressive eyebrows.
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