Watch Die Träumer - the Dreamers 2003

Watch Die Träumer - the Dreamers 2003
    Watch Die Träumer - the Dreamers 2003
    Paris 1968: time of change and utopian, hoping to change the world. But the wedding cineasts that night after night as addictive in the Cinémathèque Francaise films from the old Hollywood and the Nouvelle Vague devour. 

    The true life takes place on the canvas! As de Gaulle's Minister of Culture André Malraux the popular head of the Cinémathèque, Henri Langlois dismisses it comes to first demonstrations. Theo (Louis Garrel), his twin sister, Isabelle (Eva Green) and the young, shy American Matthew (Michael Pitt) mingle with the peaceful protesters. 

    Since the parents of the siblings go for a few weeks to the sea, the three move back to the big old apartment in the Latin Quarter and begin a harmless film-rate quiz peu à peu converts to lust and desire in a dangerous game. There are neither taboos nor pardon in this "Ménage à trois", the dreamer exceed the limits of bourgeois morality, set in its own hermetically sealed world rules. Without worrying about what happens, love and torment them outdoors, discover the freedom of sexuality, baring not only her body but also the soul ...
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