Wild Things movie online - John McNaughton, Matt Dillon and Kevin Bacon
Wild Things movie
Everything is going well for the high school teacher Sam Lombardo: He is popular with his students; teaching him fun. But then he is accused of an influential student sexual abuse ...

There are certainly worse jobs than that of a teacher at a high school in Florida. Sam Lombardo (Matt Dillon) has made it particularly well: he teaches, among other things, sailing and is popular with his students - especially among girls. 

But high popularity can also have disadvantages! One day he accused the rich student Kelly Van Ryan (Denise Richards) of rape. Sam's lawyer (Bill Murray), it is possible to debunk the insinuation is a lie. But the investigating police detective Ray Duquette (Kevin Bacon) senses that something lurks beneath the surface, which no one could tell at first glance ...

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