IOF Kills Palestinians in West Bank and Negev

IOF Kills Palestinians in West Bank and Negev
    IOF Kills Palestinians in West Bank and Negev
    Zionist occupation police killed an Arab man during clashes with stone-throwing Bedouin protesters in the southern Negev region, sparking anger with the Arab communities in the area, an Arab Israeli lawmaker said.

    "We, the Palestinians in Negev, have lost another man. This is another sign that the Israeli police are dealing recklessly when it comes to our lives," MP Taleb el-Sana told media outlets.

    According to al-Sana, Sami al-Jaar, 20, was killed late Wednesday during clashes between Arab protesters and Zionist police in the Negev city of Rahat.

    "They could have captured him rather of killing him. Now, the whole Negev is boiling with anger," he added.

    In a statement, the occupation police claimed that two policemen were injured in clashes with stone-throwing individuals in Rahat, asserting that its personnel were in the city to pursue criminals.

    The Zionist entity refers to Palestinians who remained in their homes and cities after the declaration of the so-called 'Israel' in 1948 as "Arab Israelis."

    There are around 1.6 million Arabs in the occupied territories, accounting for around 20 percent of the country's population, according to official Zionist figures.

    Claiming that most land in the Negev Desert is "state property," the self-proclaimed Jewish entity has repeatedly demolished Bedouin homes in the area.
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