Niagara falls is frozen and tourists are flocking to see it
The deep freeze sweeping across the US has transformed Niagara Falls into an icy spectacle, encasing the trees around it into crystal shells and drawing tourists who are braving temperatures well below freezing.

The Niagara River keeps flowing below the ice cover, so the falls are not completely frozen over, but the massive ice build-up near the brink has become a tourist magnet for the second year in a row after several relatively mild winters.

Visitors have been flocking to Niagara Falls State Park, next to the American Falls, one of three waterfalls that make up the natural attraction.

Days of sub-zero temperatures have created a thick coating of ice and snow on every surface near the falls, including railings, trees and boulders.

And things are not expected to thaw out soon: Temperatures dipped to minus 23C (minus 9F) in Niagara Falls early today.

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