The eve there was hope, the desire to accomplish a feat. Eventually Fiorentina succeeds in, scoops for the first time the Juventus Stadium and puts a series mortgage for the Italian Cup final in Rome. A performance of great personality, with a jewel inside, a phenomenon, a champion like Mohamed Salah. A Fiorentina who now can not afford not to ask limits and to be able to conquer everything that is in the running. FIORENTINA BIG !!!

NETO: VOTE 7.5. Once the race made of serenity and convenience. Nothing to do on the goal of Llorente. Always very attentive and focused
RICHARDS: VOTE 6.5. Less positive than other races. Often late or in trouble. In the second half, however, unable to return to its usual levels
BASANTA: VOTE 7.5. Llorente is lost completely in the middle of the area, but missed a goal already become very useful and decisive in many recoveries
GONZALO RODRIGUEZ: VOTE 7.5. Part hesitant but then climbs into the chair and causes difficulties for the attackers Bianconeri
ALONSO: VOTE 7.5. From part affecting pepper and Caceres but with each passing minute acquires confidence and determination
Kurtic: VOTE 6.5. You eat an amazing goal and above can not really get into the game. Even in the second half he grows much. Since its launch a part of the goal Salah.
Badelj: VOTE 7.5. Back in the control room, the first time a little 'fluctuating then in the second half the team played with great organization and personality.
Aquilani: VOTE 6.5. Enter the 33'st instead of Badelj. He manages to bring order into the chaotic end of the race.
MATIAS FERNANDEZ: VOTE 7.5. Montella retrieves it at the last minute and he fight from the first minute. Ends the race exhausted
JOAQUIN: VOTE 7.5. Part with the handbrake then manages to find space, then it becomes a thorn in Juventus rearguard
MARIO GOMEZ: VOTING 7. It sacrifices a lot for the team and tries to communicate well with Salah. Also went close to scoring, unfortunately has to go out to an ankle problem.
Ilicic: VOTE 6.5. Enter the 17'st instead of Gomez. Step onto the pitch with the right spirit, even combattiero. Also went close to score the second goal
SALAH: VOTE 9. Category: Phenomenon. Achieves an amazing goal, from science fiction. Is repeated in the second half. Stay Hungry.
DIAMONDS: VOTE 6. Enter the 29'st instead of Salah. Log in with the task of running the ball and restart the purple in the attack, he succeeds very well.
ALL .: VINCENZO MONTELLA: VOTING 8. Still a great feat of technical purple putting together an education despite the many absences and scoops the Juventus Stadium, scoring two goals and playing a game of big personalities in a semifinal of the Italian Cup. Fiorentina now this can really achieve any kind of result.

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