Iran warned against any military aid to Houthi rebels in Yemen

Iran warned against any military aid to Houthi rebels in Yemen
    Iran warned against any military aid to Houthi rebels in Yemen
    WASHINGTON - A "very concerned" United States will not "stand by" while Yemen "is destabilized", US Secretary of State John Kerry has said, warning Iran against any military support to Houthi rebels who control a large party of the strife-torn country.
    "We're very concerned about what's going on there (in Yemen), and it's just not a fact There are obviously supplies that have been coming from Iran," Kerry told PBS television in an interview.
    He said that a number of flights every single week have been flying to Yemen and those flights have been traced to Iran, and the US is "well aware of the support that Iran has been giving to Yemen".
    "And Iran needs to recognize that the United States is not going to stand by while the region is destabilized, or while people engage, you know, in overt warfare across the lines, international boundaries and other countries."
    The US and its regional allies of largely Sunni Muslim countries led by Saudi Arabia are engaged in an air campaign against the Houthi rebels who ousted and forced President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi out of the country.
    The Shia-rebels backed by Iran are in control of large parts of Yemen, including the capital Sana'a. They have joined security forces who have remained loyal to longtime strongman and former dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh who was forced from power in 2012.
    Saudi Arabia alleges that the Shia Houthis are an Iranian proxy force even as Western diplomats believe that they are financially supported by Iran but are not operating under its control or direction.
    Kerry said that the US could help repel Iranian attempts in Yemen even as it was rewarding the Islamic republic for its guarantees that it was not building nuclear weapons.
    "What we've made clear to our friends and allies is we can do two things at the same time. We have an ability to understand that an Iran with a nuclear weapon is a greater threat than an Iran without one.
    "And at the same time we have an ability to be able to stand up to interference that is inappropriate or against international law, or contrary to the region's stability and interest, and those of our friends."
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