Over 20 militants killed in Pakistani army air raids
Pakistani fighter jets have pounded militant positions in the country’s rugged northwestern tribal region close to the border with Afghanistan, killing more than 20 militants.

According to a statement released by the Army on Wednesday, the airstrikes were carried out the night before in the militant-riddled North Waziristan region.

The statement added that at least 22 militants were killed during the aerial bombardment.
Sources say Pakistan Air Force jets destroyed militants’ hideouts and ammunition depots across the troubled area.

The latest aerial attacks came weeks after the military said it had cleared most of the region of militants.

The Pakistani army started an operation against militant hideouts in North Waziristan last June, after a deadly raid on the Karachi International Airport ended the government’s faltering peace talks with the pro-Taliban militants.

The military says it has killed more than 1,200 militants since launching the June 15, 2014 operation.

The semi-autonomous tribal regions on Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan have been a hideout for Takfiri militant groups, including al-Qaeda and the pro-Taliban militants, during the past years. The militants use the mountainous border area to launch attacks in both countries.

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