Qahwaji Hails ‘Outstanding’ LA Achievements, Pledges to Confront Terrorism
Lebanese army Commander, General Jean Qahwaji, said the military institution has foiled several attacks across the country, vowing to carry out fierce war against terrorism.Lebanese Army Chief General Jean Qahwaji

As he said that the “challenges are enormous,” Qahwaji stressed on the importance of the army’s achievements on the security level, pointing out that the army intelligence is carrying out an “outstanding” work in revealing terror networks and cells.

“The malicious enemy is not linked to any religion and only knows the language of blood,” the high-ranking army official told Lebanese daily as-Safir on Saturday.

It is “waiting for the first chance to assault the county, but am not worried as the will of the troops is far more greater than their terrorism,” he added.

He considered the military as the “country's safe haven and bulwark.”

“Our decision is to triumph and thwart the terrorists' attempts to alter Lebanon, wipe out its history and establish an Emirate on its ruins and the blood of its people,” Qahwaji added.

He told soldiers that they are “the hope of the Lebanese. We are with you in the field against terrorists.”

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