Saudi Warplanes Block Iran Aid Flight’s Landing in Yemen
An Iranian plane carrying humanitarian goods for the war-torn people of Yemen was forced to return to Tehran after Saudi Arabia’s fighter jets refused the cargo plane landing in Yemen.

Vehid Rahmati, an official with Iran’s Red Crescent Society said the Iranian Foreign Ministry had even obtained the required permission from Saudi Arabia for the plane to enter Saudi airspace on its way to Yemen.

However, Rahmati added, the Saudi fighter aircraft on Thursday blocked the Iranian aid plane from landing in Yemen and it flew back to Tehran.

He said consultations are under way to get a permission again, adding that the humanitarian assistance will be airlifted to Yemen as soon as possible.

Saudi Arabia with some its Arab allies launched on March 26 a military campaign against Yemen. 

Later on April 21, Saudis declared a halt to the month-long air campaign. But hours later, air strikes and ground fighting resumed and the International Red Cross described the humanitarian situation as "catastrophic."

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