Candela Ruggeri surprised "Dancing 2015"

Candela Ruggeri surprised "Dancing 2015"
    Candela Ruggeri surprised "Dancing 2015"
    ShowMatch: The daughter of former player Oscar Ruggeri confessed to his father Marcelo Tinelli is not entirely satisfied with their participation in the program. 

    "He worries that dance cumbia, because he stayed with the image of the time when you cut into the polleritas" he told the driver, who said that this is already ancient history.

    In "Dancing 2015" of "ShowMatch" (The Thirteen), the third couple to leave the track on Friday night was the Candela Ruggeri (daughter of Oscar Ruggeri) and Facundo Insúa. 

    The beautiful model said his famous father is not so happy with his participation in the contest: "Worried that dance cumbia, because he stayed with the image of the time when you cut into the polleritas He sincere with Candela with Marcelo Tinelli -. 

    My dad was always jealous. " Marcelo had fun answering that Oscar had fallen over time, and invited him to attend the program to iron out any rough edges.

    Then Candela and Facundo danced "Moves like Jagger" and received the jury returns. Angel De Brito described the couple with 8 points, he was surprised and told the participants: "We have seen many models usually do not dance well Vos you have wave and I liked the previous To be a first time... , you were great. "

    Nacha Guevara, however, was critical. Les became 6 and motioned for Candela Ruggeri: "You're very pretty, but you have little land Everything is in the air as thin, high Sos, you need muscle, that makes you more difficult to grip the floor, but I think.. that eventually you're going to get better. I liked your attitude. "

    Moria Casan, whose score was 8, was enthusiastic about the previous ". You do not look an amateur, you have an air fashion and to be your first time, you were very well Like I need forthrightness, I saw half flancito" he told Candela.

    Solita Silveyra, whose vote is secret, confessed to being amazed: "I call the 'I told candlesticks attention Sos very delicate and thin you need to learn, but I really liked..."

    In the end, Marcelo Polino, who gave them 4 points to Ruggeri and Insua was sincere: "When I saw 'This is the show', I found a disaster, but here, surprised me share what I told my comrades. Sos one model very cool and I liked what they did. " Thus, in total, the couple was 26 points.
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