Luis Enrique: "A window of opportunity"

Luis Enrique: "A window of opportunity"
    Luis Enrique: "A window of opportunity"
    FC Barcelona may soon be crowned the penultimate day of the Spanish Championship Sunday if they beat Atletico Madrid. It is an "opportunity to seize," estimated the Barcelona coach Luis Enrique, who expects an "open and interesting" match at the Vicente Calderon.

    How do you approach this first decisive match for the title, knowing that you will have another opportunity at the last day?
     Luis Enrique: "It is a very good game for us because it gives us the opportunity to win a very difficult song to get very complicated every year it is a great opportunity Every team has its objectives, which are playing.. to ensure 3rd place. At first, I expect an open game me, very interesting and with a lot at stake for everyone. We will approach this meeting with the same spirit that our previous matches. The particularity of this event is that we can be champions. It's very motivating also played after a championship and that's an opportunity. "
    Barca is it revenge after losing the title to the "Atleti" on the final day last year at the Nou Camp?
    THE "I saw no spirit of revenge last year, I think Atletico Madrid deserves to be champion after an extraordinary and unique season but this year it's a different season... schedule calls we play our penultimate game at home, this is our first opportunity to win the title and that is motivation enough. This season we have three very good matches against them (wins 3-1 in La Liga, 1-0 and 3-2 in the quarterfinals of the King's Cup, Ed). But we also know that the opponent can complicate our task. At home, they are very strong. They need points and it will be very difficult. But we do not expect anything else. Even though last year they won the league at the Nou Camp, we just have the opportunity to win the title and do it on the lawn of defending champion . "
    What is the mindset of your team, which is three wins a sumptuous King tripled League champions-league-Cup?
    LE:. "The same spirit that there are three or six months Obviously the atmosphere we breathe out is full of optimism but we know the difficulties of every game, us. are realistic and realize that we have not won anything yet. This week is the first in which we can achieve great things and we will use it early in the game Sunday. We are beginning to be aware that we can pass a tripled that has been done once in the club's history (in 2009, NLDR). Some players even have the ability to succeed a second time. But we are in the final straight and win the three titles is very difficult. Anyone who thinks otherwise is mistaken. The players are aware, it is one thing to get there, but it is another to win the three titles. For this, we will have to do three big games. "
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