PSG champion Evian in Ligue 2!

PSG champion Evian in Ligue 2!
    PSG champion Evian in Ligue 2!
    The clash of extremes. This is the teaching of this 37th and penultimate day of Ligue 1. It's official on both sides, the verdict is diametrically opposed: winner of Montpellier (2-1), Paris Saint-Germain is crowned champion of France for the third consecutive year ... Evian Thonon Gaillard, who lost at home against Saint-Etienne (2-1), officially relegated to Ligue 2. Furthermore, the Greens, with Monaco and Marseille, both victorious , will offer a remote duel on the final day for third place.

    If the situation seemed unlikely not to see PSG champion of France, nothing was solved mathematically. This was done for Paris that has made his experience and its collective strength to win with a victory in the capital club a third consecutive title, the fifth in the club's history. Soon the Parisians have taken shelter since Blaise Matuidi (17th) and Ezequiel Lavezzi (25th) found the net. At 2-0, Paris just needed to manage and they have done well despite a scare without consequence when Mounier has reduced the mark (40th) to Montpellier. Anyway, Laurent Blanc, often questioned throughout the season is still heading for an unprecedented triple cutting-cut-France League Championship. With a quarter-final Champions League, lost against Barcelona (now in the final of C1), Paris Saint-Germain could ultimately achieve the most accomplished season ever.
    No achievement for Evian Thonon Gaillard, sentenced to Ligue 2
    Besides the title has just been awarded the second major evening news lies in the extreme. Indeed, we now know the three features that will evolve next season in Ligue 2. After Lens and Metz is Evian Thonon Gaillard is officially relegated. The Haute-Savoie received Saint-Etienne, in the race for the podium before the game, and have given absolutely everything to get a win that could maintain a slim hope of maintaining, in vain. However, the Greens have never, or almost showed a transcendent face and despite the opening goal by Max-Alain Gradel inevitable (12th). Duhamel (42) tried to sound a revolt that will never come to the final. On the contrary, after the break, Etienne showed a very different face, worthy of a table top team by managing its weak beats and enjoying midfield doubts. And Gradel, again, would benefit by converting a penalty he had caused himself (82). The Mass was said. The Haute-Savoie failed, as so often this season, reward their efforts and encouraging glimpsed in the first period. For his part, Saint-Etienne, which has 66 points, still in the race for third place.
    Monaco ahead of Marseille and Saint-Etienne
    PSG champion, Lens, Metz and Evian in Ligue 2, the last day of Ligue 1 could seem boring on paper. Yet, the suspense looks absolutely thrilling next Saturday! Indeed, the fight for third place will be the attraction of this final day since Monaco and Marseille, wide winners of Metz (2-0) and Lille (4-0) are neck and neck with Saint-Etienne . Monegasques have instead their destiny in their hands. With 68 points, they have two point advantage over Marseille and Sainté. So the club benefit the Rock, although in football anything is possible ...
    Moreover, it was the Girondins Bordeaux who realize the last good night operation. The Bordeaux were able to keep in check Olympique Lyonnais (1-1), officially dolphin PSG. Willy Sagnol's men had opened the scoring quickly by Civelli (3rd) but Fekir equalized six minutes later. With four point lead over Montpellier (7th), Bordeaux will now support Paris in the final of the Coupe de France against Auxerre for sixth place in Ligue 1 either qualifying for the Europa League.
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