One dead and ten injured in attack next to a mosque in London
The man who perpetrated Sunday night a terrorist attack in London to attack a group of Muslims is the British Darren Osborne, 47, reports the BBC. 

Scotland Yard - the London police - considers him suspicious of "committing, preparing or instigating terrorism". 

One person has been killed and 10 wounded when a van was rammed into several pedestrians near a mosque north of London. The outrage occurred shortly after 00.20 (01:20 am in the Spanish mainland) on Seven Sisters Street, next to Finsbury Park, when the faithful just left the mosque after the midnight prayer of Ramadan.

In an intervention at the doors of Downing Street minutes before noon, the Prime Minister, Theresa May, has referred to the incident as "a terrorist attack on the Muslim community." It is the fourth terrorist attack in the United Kingdom in three months. Both the deceased and the wounded, two of them in serious condition, belong to the Muslim community, according to Neil Basu, coordinator of the police anti-terrorist brigade.

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