Andrei Konchalovsky admitted how he escaped a divorce from Yulia Vysotskaya
Many years ago, when Andrei Konchalovsky and Yulia Vysotskaya had just started their romance, few people believed in their relationship. The people around were sure that their marriage would not last long, but as time showed they were all very wrong. On the eve of his 80th birthday, the director took part in the program "The Field of Attraction of Andrei Konchalovsky", which introduced the audience to the details of his personal life.

Among other things, Andrei Sergeyevich focused on how, after living side by side for so many years together, he manages to maintain a harmonious relationship with Julia. The secret was simple: he was impressed by the fact that his wife keeps in touch with him a certain distance.
"Julia says: you are a stranger to me. My children are mine, and you can be, but you can not be ... This is right! - sure Konchalovsky. - Mom and children do not choose, and husbands and wives come and go. And this is the right tension, and due to the fact that we are both lions, there is also a joint powerful energy. "

By the way, to create an idyll in the family life to the director helps also his age, or rather the acquired experience. Andrei Sergeyevich believes that if he had met Julia before 40 years old, he would not have lived with her for so long. "I was a completely different person. I was only interested in what was beyond the horizon, and it was not worth it to collect my suitcase and leave. Yulia was really lucky that she met me already an elderly person. The age difference is important both in a bad and in a good way at the same time

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