Apple supports iphone 8 with 3 GB "RAM" and A11 processor
Apple supports iphone 8 with 3 GB "RAM" and A11 processor
A new report revealed that the next iphone 8 phone from Apple will come with a 3 GB RAM, plus a storage memory of 64, 256 and 512 GB options, as some reports indicate other indicates that the phone will have a new Apple A 11, which is said to be the fastest processor of the current Apple A 10 processor of about 30%, and it would be better than the graphics area.

According to the Indian GSM website, Toshiba and SanDisk are expected to be responsible for the production of a 64-volume memory and 256 GB, in Husayn, Samsung and Hynix will be responsible for the production of the memory in 512 gigabytes, while noting previous reports indicate that the iphone 8 phone will have a 5.8-inch OLED display from edge to edge, where Apple has removed the main button from the bottom of the screen, which provided more space to increase the screen space in the front end, as Apple was told iphone 8 will come made from different materials from existing iphone 7.

The new iphone 8 is expected to come with a stainless steel frame, plus a glass-covered rear front and a vertically dual rear camera, which is expected to be launched in conjunction with Yvonne 7s The 7s plus during the month of September, the three handsets are expected to support the Quick shipping feature and will be available in several color options including black, silver and gold.

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