Arabic , american and Hindi  movies on MBC msr tv during Eid al - Adha
Arabic , american and Hindi  movies on MBC msr during Eid al - Adha

MBC Egypt announced its map of programs starting tomorrow, Arafat's stand, until the end of Eid al-Adha.

According to today's statement, the map includes the transfer of Arafat's stand on the air at 10 am, and the film "The Message" staring Abdullah Ghaith, Mona Wasef and directed by Mostafa Akkad.

During the festival days, the channel will display daily special episodes of the historical drama "Omar" at 3:00 pm. A comedy Arabic film will be shown every day at midnight. The film will be performed on Thursday by the film "gawaza meery", and Friday by "Hamati Bathebani" The film "Sima Ali Baba", the first film "Made in Egypt", and on monday film "The Stag Wig".

the movie "Wolverine", the movie "Ted" and the two "Kill Season" are also shown daily.

"MBC Egypt 2" channel will present an Arabic film every day at 10 pm, "on My Body" and "The Theory of My Aunt" will be screened on Thursday. The film "Helm Aziz" will be screened on Friday and "Reclam" will be screened.

The channel also features an Indian film every day at 1 pm, midnight at midnight, Friday's movie "Hematwala", Saturday "Jabbar", on sunday "Two Choice by the Lord" and "Jolie ALP" .

During the days of the festival, the channel presented a variety of comedy plays every day at 3 pm On Friday, the play "Mama America", and the Saturday play "Behlol in Istanbul", and one play "Hakim eyes" and the two play "Joker."

During the days of Eid al-Adha, MBC Egypt continues to show daily episodes of its various drama series, "The Tsar" at 9:00 pm, "Maulana El Aaheq" at 8:00 pm, and "Red Lines" at 6:00 pm.

MBC Egypt 2 continues to show the series "Ibn Halal" at 5 pm, and "I want a man" 6 pm.

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