Arrest of 5 in Turkey on charges of hacking the Qatari news agency
Arrest of 5 in Turkey on charges of hacking the Qatari news agency
Emirates accuses Doha of "political austerity"
The Qatari and Turkish authorities have announced the arrest of suspects of electronic piracy, which Doha says the country news Agency (INA) was exposed to before the crisis erupted with Gulf states.

The Qatari authorities have been accusing the United Arab Emirates of standing behind piracy, but it is strange to announce the Qatari attorney General Ali Ben Fetais al-Marri, yesterday, said that the Turkish authorities had arrested five persons in connection with the alleged "piracy" operation.

"The Qatari authorities have launched an internal and external investigation, after hacking into the agency's website," al-Marri told a joint press conference with Turkish Justice minister Abdel Hamid Gül, stressing that the authority the Turkish authorities reported that they had arrested five persons accused of being involved in the penetration process and were under investigation, and said that their results would be revealed at the end of the report.

Anwar Gargash, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates, said the country's decision to return the ambassador to Tehran was accompanied by a massive and confused campaign of justification, adding that the "sovereign decision he must not be shy and confused, but she's the needle and the teenager that makes it so», and that" when the media is your only tool, the justification becomes unconvincing. " He said the crisis in Qatar is run by an unparalleled teenager, and the return of the ambassador to Tehran "Embarrasses Doha, reveals its political reach, and exposes it to the partisan mainstream that it has adopted."

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