Atletico Madrid vs Girona Live Stream
Atletico Madrid vs Girona Live Stream La Liga today on 19/8/2017 , Atletico Madrid and Girona live on Saturday: Atletico Madrid travel into the Spanish Premier League at Montevideo Stadium, which hosts the club Girona Rojiblancos led by referee Juan Martinez Monwira.

The match between Atletico Madrid and Verona will be played on Saturday (August 19th)
18:15 pm GMT and Morocco
At 19:15 pm Algeria time and Tunisia
At 20:15 pm Egypt, Turkey and Libya
At 21.15 pm Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Sudan, Jordan and Lebanon
At 22.15 pm UAE time and Oman.

Watch match Atletico Madrid and Girona live broadcast today

The channels for Atletico Madrid and Gerona today will be the BBC Sport 3HD Qatar and will comment on this first meeting in the opening of Liga for Egyptian suspense Ali Mohamed Ali.

Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone said the team was starting in the Spanish league with a desire, enthusiasm, humility and passion for an excellent season.

At the press conference for the meeting, Simeoni stressed that the strength of the club is that all players know each other after not allowing the club to make new deals.

Simeone added that a new tournament will be launched and will be fought with all the clarity and enthusiasm and passion with a desire to provide everything in an excellent manner, expressing his happiness and passion and desire to compete again for the title of Liga.

Simeoni said that Atletico was prevented from signing new deals until the end of the current year, stressing that the management of the club for great efforts in order to keep the important players who can make the difference in the league, which means that the Department is doing a good job.

The Match has finished

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