chelsea-fc vs everton Live Stream online today 27/8/2017
chelsea-fc vs everton Live Stream online today 27/8/2017, The Chelsea English team, a strong showdown before the Everton team in the second round, from the English League, is on the Stamford Bridge stadium, at 2:30 pm.

Live broadcast. Watch Chelsea and Everton 27-8-2017

The sons of Antonio Conte, technical director of the Chelsea team, are preparing to make up for the loss he received in the first round match, in front of the Bernelli team on the same playground, despite winning the second round in front of the Spurs team in a strong match, the team's ambition to compete for the title makes it seek to win always.

The Chelsea team won a clean bi on the English Tottenham team in the last round, recorded by Marcus Alonso, the Blues defense star, while the Everton team was drawn with the Manchser City team, in the second round with the goal of each team.

The Everton team seeks to surprise and win the Chelsea team, in its stadium, with the star Wayne Rooney, who scored two goals in the first two games he had with the team.

Watch Chelsea and Everton 27-8-2017

chelsea-fc vs everton Live Stream online today 27/8/2017
The Chelsea team is entering the meeting in an effort to kidnap the three points from the Everton ambitious team, which offers a good level at the beginning of the English League, and the English team is armed with the Stamford Bridge stadium and its present audiences.

The Everton team aspires to continue on the same level as the English league, and Ronald Komen is leading his team in the game today in order to capture the victory of a difficult team to lose on his land.

Live TV Chelsea and Everton 27-8-2017

chelsea-fc vs everton Live Stream online today 27/8/2017
Wayne Rooney scored two goals in his first formal meeting with the Everton team, where he scored in front of the Stoke team city was the goal of winning, as he returned and scored a goal in the Manchester City window and ended up playing the game in the last round.

Marcos Alonso scored Chelsea on the first two rounds of one match in front of a Spurs team of two fixed kicks successfully carried out, to kidnap "the Blues" as an important victory in front of a stubborn team.

The Chelsea team scored a big win on the Everton team with a clean threesome, in the second floor game set on Everton, last season, and star Romero Lokako moved from Everton to Manchester United this season, and the Goa'uld boy returns to his place to lead the English team attack again.

chelsea-fc vs everton Live Stream online today 27/8/2017
And the Everton club to bid for the annexation of Lester City Jimmy Varti before the current summer transitions close to the end of the month.

The British newspaper Sunday Mirror stated that the technical director of Liverpool, Ronald Komen, wished to add another distinct attacker to the front-end plan to be his last summer deals in an attempt to occupy the center of the first four centers eligible for the European Champions League.

Live watch Chelsea and Everton 27-8-2017

The Chelsea team suffers from the absence of the Belgian star Aydin Hazard, who is missing an engine in the middle of the stadium, although there is more than one player, but Hazard remains the engine star for the ranks of "Blues".

Conte is eager to achieve a positive and satisfactory outcome to the Everton team today, in a difficult match, where the Chelsea fans will not be satisfied with less than winning, and will not be at other points after the defeat the team received from Bernelli in the first round.

Watch Chelsea and Everton live

The meeting of Chelsea and Everton begins at 2:30 p.m. in Cairo, 3:30 pm, on the Stamford Bridge stadium in the second round of the English league.


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