Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri
Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri
Foreign Minister Sameh Shukry has accused the "Al-Jazeera channel" of not providing substantive coverage of issues and events, noting that one of its correspondents in Cairo has overstepped the law and committed criminal activities, and Mohamed Fahmy, the former correspondent, sued the canal because she did not explain his responsibility to him when he was working in Egypt.

At a joint press conference with his Estonian counterpart, Sven Mikser, the foreign Minister confirmed today that the "island" has passed the laws, adding: "Any reporter must respect the rules and the law, journalism is an important part of society, and we respect the media."

"Sameh Shukri," said Egypt has a large number of media, both print and television, commenting: "I think that Egypt has tens if not hundreds of channels that operate freely without censorship, where it takes responsibility, defends society, follows up on the problems of society, and does criticism and praise on any government action, I think this is very important, so we respect freedom of expression, but in any state freedom of expression is regulated according to a set of rules and laws, and no form of being out of this context. "

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