Egypt's youth volleyball team
The Egyptian junior volleyball team led by Nihad Shehata defeated Porto 3-0 on Saturday in the second round of the world championships in Bahrain from August 18 to 25.

The result of the matches came 29-27, 25-20, 25-17 to Egypt, against a run of 25-25.

The team had lost in the first round against hosts Bahrain 3-1.

The players include 12 players: Yousif Hamdi Al Safi, Ahmed Azab Al Shorbagi, Shaheb Azab Al Shorbagi, George Morris Girgis, Abdul Rahman Al Husseini, Yousuf Saad Al-Din Morjan, Mahmoud Al-Sharif Sweilem, Wadham Osman, Yousuf Al Serjani, Mayser Abu Rayyan Omar Zakaria,

The U-19 team is in Group A, which includes Bahrain, America, Tunisia and Puerto Rico.

The Pharaohs youth team will play Tunisia on Sunday to get a break from the matches on 21 and end the first round of the Group A match against America on the 22nd of the same month.

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