Hurricane Harvey strikes coasts of Texas

Hurricane Harvey strikes coasts of Texas
    Hurricane Harvey strikes coasts of Texas
    Hurricane Harvey, which is ranked fourth on a five-degree scale, hit the coasts of the US state of Texas on the Gulf of Mexico, where the cities of Corpus Christi and Houston, which include a number of the largest US refineries.

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott said Texas was facing a "major catastrophe." Blair demanded more federal aid to cope with the typhoon, which may be the worst in the last 12 years in the United States. Since Hurricane Wilma struck the coast of Florida in 2005, leaving 87 dead and Hurricane Charlie, which ranked fourth in 2004.

    In a speech to US president Donald Trump, Abbott said Harvey "has turned into a complex and dangerous hurricane that could cause billions of dollars in losses as well as loss of life."
    US President Donald Trump has been anticipating Harvey's arrival by declaring a state of natural emergency, a move that allows the southern state to take advantage of the federal government's potential in the face of the hurricane.

    "At the request of the Governor of Texas, I signed the decision to declare a state of natural emergency, which unleashes government assistance at full strength," said Trump on Twitter's social media website.

    The National Hurricane Center in the United States said the floods caused by Typhoon Harvey could endanger life in Houston and its surroundings.

    The typhoon could speed up to 215 kilometers per hour, and it is expected to bring heavy rains at a height of 102, the center added.

    Population evacuations began in several cities in the state of Texas, and the US media said that residents of a number of state cities were accepting to fill the bags with sand and store water and food to avoid the effects of the storm, noting that the city of Houston decided to close the schools on the first day of the school season, which was scheduled for Monday.
    The White House announced that it is likely to visit Trump Texas early next week.
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