Identify the nationalities of 15 victims of the Burkina Faso attack
Authorities in Burkina Faso have identified 15 victims of the attack on a restaurant in the capital and Ouagadougou on Sunday that killed 20 people.

On Monday, Burkina Faso's Foreign Minister Alpha Bari said a Turkish citizen, two Kuwaitis, a Canadian, a Frenchman, a Senegalese, a Nigerian, a Lebanese and seven of his compatriots had died in the attack.

He pointed out that the examinations are continuing to identify the identities of three other victims. He expressed concern about the high number of deaths of a large number of wounded in a serious condition.

On the other hand, Burkina Faso has declared mourning for three days, starting today.
"The attack killed 18 people, including a Turkish citizen, and injured eight people," the country's communications minister, Remy Dandjino, said in a press statement.

Security officials said that "between 3 and 4 attackers arrived at the restaurant last night, on motorcycles and randomly fired at customers."
Security forces managed to kill two terrorists.

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