Iraq: The crowd clings to the battle of Tal Afar
A spokesman for the militias of the popular crowd that the participation of the factions # crowd in the battle of Tal Afar, Iraq will be effective despite the opposition of some political parties, and indicated that the initial date has been set for launch soon.

The leaders of the crowd are adhering to the next battle in Tal Afar, despite the refusal of Iraqi political forces to participate, despite official assurances that any role for militias will be limited.

The position of the militias was announced more than once by one of its most prominent leaders, Abu Mahdi Mahdi, to return militia spokesman Ahmed al-Asadi to confirm it more clearly.

Ahmad al-Asadi, spokesman for the popular crowd, said the crowd would be very active in the Tal Afar battle.
The Joint Operations Command had previously confirmed that the participation of the militia in the battle of Tal Afar would be limited to specific tasks related to the areas around Tal Afar while the incursion would be contingent on counter-terrorism forces and rapid response.

The National Alliance sources confirm that the crowd is committed to the powers of Prime Minister Haider Abadi in launching the zero hour of the battle of Tal Afar, despite the recent differences between the leaders of the factions of the crowd and Abadi on the powers and combat tasks and the latter accused some of the leaders of the crowd to pay the salaries of their fighters on the electoral propaganda of their parties.

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