Libya seized five ships at sea with almost 700 migrants
Benghazi (Libya) - The Libyan Coast Guard announced today that it has been arrested and returned to its shores for the past two days, carrying vessels that almost 700 migrants crossed the European coast.

The Coast Guard, controlled by the government in Tripoli, detained two vessels in today's operation, carrying 290 refugees. A third ship with 164 people aboard was stopped at the east coast near the town of Sabrat, a Libyan navy spokesman said.

With assistance from Italians, the Libyan Coast Guard held two vessels on Monday. The first one carried 88 people, 134 on the other.

After last year's so-called Balkan voyage, the main corridor of migrants and refugees on their way to Europe became a journey from North Africa through the Mediterranean to Italy.

Since the overthrow of longtime leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, Libya has not recovered from the chaos used by people smugglers. Libya still has two governments.

Italy began cooperating with a Libyan coastguard at the beginning of the month, controlled by a government backed by the UN. The Italians, among other things, train their members and renew their fleet.

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