Liverpool vs Arsenal Live Stream online today 27/8/2017
Liverpool vs Arsenal Live Stream online today 27/8/2017, Liverpool vs Arsenal live Live is simply the pinnacle of today's games in the English league between two teams looking for a technical stability that they haven't reported to yet, though Liverpool seems to be in a better moral setting.

The high Liverpool team qualifies for the role of groups for the Champions League contest at the Hofheim account with two wins, looking for a win. Second in the league after the draw in the first stage with Arsenal wanting to compensate for the loss of Stoke he was set off in the league with a difficult victory over Lester City.
Jørgen Club spoke highly of the attack with Mohamed Salah, Sadiu Mani and Fermiño, who shone in front of Hoffheim and led the Reds to reach the role of the groups and would no doubt constitute a headache for Arsenal defense.

Expected Liverpool lineup: Minuteman, Matip, Lufresne, Roberson, Alexander-Arnold, Henderson, Emery Jean, Vinaldom, Mohamed Salah, Mani, Fermino.

Arsenal expected: Lakizut, Sánchez, Awzyl, Khaaka, Ramsey, Chamberlain, Belrin, Colasac, Kosilini, Mustafa, Peter Chik.
Date and time of the Liverpool and Arsenal game

When؟ The match will take place on Sunday, Aug. 27, and start at 18:00 on the evening of Mecca.
where؟ The meeting is hosted by the Anfield Stadium of the Liverpool team.

Liverpool 4 - 0 Arsenal highlights and goals

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