Mayweather vs McGregor: the most expensive fight in history
Mayweather vs McGregor: the most expensive fight in history , After months of deliberations and negotiations by the UFC administration, the union of mixed martial arts has officially announced the date of the establishment a showdown between the legendary American boxer Floyd Mayweather, and the Irish fighter Connor MacGregor Champion of the feather weight in the U. F. Union.

The establishment of the standoff, which was known as the one billion dollar fight, was officially confirmed on Aug. 26 in the US city of Las Vegas.

Mayweather signed the formal confrontation contract, and McGregor had been in the signing for the past weeks.

Maywether had canceled his tour of Africa in order to equip him against McGregor, where he entered a training camp to prepare for that confrontation.

This confrontation is expected to be the most expensive in history, with McGregor and Maywether going to receive an imaginary sum for their confrontation, as well as the income from this fight, which could reach a billion dollars.

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