McGregor faces Mayweather in the most expensive fight in history.
The world, the next Sunday, awaits the historic battle in which the Irish will defy Conor McGregor, American boxer Mayweather , who has not tasted the bitterness of defeat in boxing, is in the city of Las Vegas, where this is the most historic fight.
According to the British Daily Mail, this is historically the most expensive fight in terms of the earnings and profits that the winner can achieve, as the winner is awarded from this is the Moni belt, which is made of crocodile leather which weighs 1.5 kilograms of gold, contains 3360 diamonds, 600 pieces of rubies and 160 emeralds.

Mayweather received a $100 million advance payment, rising to 250 million US dollars after the distribution of television transportation and care contracts.

The revenue of the fighting is expected to reach 700 million dollars, making it the most expensive fight in history, which will be superior to the face of Mayweather with the Filipino Mani Bakyao in May 2015 «650 million dollars. "

Ticket prices ranged from $1,400 to the lowest fare, reaching 16,000 dollars for the most expensive tickets.

The two stars will meet in a 12-round fight, which is criticized by many boxing fans who have seen more than one sporting encounter.

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