Mohammed Salah and Ahmed Hegazy restore Mido and Zaki in the Premiership after nine years
Egyptian stars Mohammed Salah and Ahmed Hegazy on Sunday succeeded in re-achieving a missed achievement for Egyptian players abroad for the past nine years, after both scored a goal for their team in a single day in the English League.

Mohamed Salah scored the third goal of his team Liverpool in Watford, in the match that ended 3-3, before Hegazi scored the only win for West Brom in Bournemouth, to be a special day for the Egyptian players in the Premier League, one day after the manufacture of Mohamed Nanni first His goals are Arsenal's first season goals against Leicester City.

Two other Egyptian stars managed to score together in a single day, but nine years ago, specifically in the 2008 season, Ahmed Hossam Mido and Amr Zaki, who succeeded in this 3 times.

On the first day of the Premiership season 2008-2009, August 16, 2008, Mido scored a goal for Middlesbrough against Tottenham Hotspur, and Zaki scored for Wigan before Westham.

On September 13, 2008, in the fourth round, Mido scored a goal against Portsmouth, Zaki scored against Sunderland, and the same time on November 1, 2008, in the 11th round, Mido scored against Westham and Zaki scored against Portsmouth.

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