Mohammed Salah faces Arsenal with the memories of the Chelsea 6-0 historic game
Mohammed Salah, a player in Egypt, is running a tough test with the Liverpool team, which hosts his professional arsenal within his ranks.
Egyptian player Mohammed al-Nabni, 5 p.m. today at the Enfield Stadium, among the competitions for the third round of the age of the excellent English league "Burmerg".

Mohammed Salah faces Arsenal with the memories of the Chelsea 6-0 historic game
The game of the day will be the second for player Mohamed Salah Imam Arsenal, who has already participated in a single meeting in front of the London team when he was a player in Chelsea ranks.

Mohamed Salah participated in a historic win by Chelsea on a clean-up arsenal in the match that I collected on March 22, 2014 at the Stamford Bridge Stadium, among the 13-year-old English Premier League competition.

Mohamed Salah began the game on the bench before participating in the 67th minute instead of Oscar, who was recently deported to the Chinese league, and the Egyptian Pharaoh was able to score the sixth goal four minutes after he landed on the ground.

Liverpool is getting high on the rise of the group's role in the UEFA Champions League competition at the German Hofheim account for the second consecutive victory in the tournament, after he overcame the last round on Crystal Palace with the goal of free of charge.

The four points are based on Egyptian star Mohamed Salah to win the game today, after a strong addition of the team from an offensive point of view while the absence of Brazilian Philippe Kotiño continues.

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