napoli vs nice Live stream Soccer today 20-8-2017
Napoli vs Nice Live stream Soccer today 22-8-2017 , Champions League 22-8-2017 and that in the back match on the Allianz Riviere Stadium after the end of two targets for nothing in favor of Naples live broadcast live today.
Marysio Sari, technical director of the Naples Group, announced his team to meet his French counterpart, shortly after the pre-qualification of the UEFA Champions League.
The Naples formation came as follows:
Goalkeepers: Baby Reina

Line of defence: Mr. Hisaj, Raul Albeul, Khalidou Coulibaly, Fawzi Ghulam

Median line: Alan Lorero, Georgiinho, Marek your margins

Line of attack: Jose Kayejón, Draez Mertens, Lorenzo Ensenny

On the other hand, the French formation of Nice came as follows:
Goalkeepers: Yuan Cardinal

Defense: Arnaud Swkett, Dante Bonvim, Maxim le Marshan

Center: Christoph Community, Adrian Tamiz, Jean Serry, Remy Walter, Wesley Snyder

Attack: Alan St. Maximilian, mario balotelli

Napoli 2 - 0 Nice

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