Egyptian player Mohammad Abdel Shafi
Saudi Al Ahly vs Iran Piroozi live stream online today 22/8/2017,  in the quarter finals of the Asian Champions League (Muscat) in the Omani capital of Oman on Monday, and the return match is being held in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi on Sept. 12.
Abdel Shafi entered Saudi Arabia's Al Ahly list and arrived in Amman on Friday on the list of the team selected by Ukrainian coach Sergei Reprof.

Saudi Al Ahly fans were happy to register the Egyptian player Mohammad Abdel Shafi on the team list participating in the quarter finals of the AFC Champions League competition, where you see that Muhammad Abdel Shafi is a team player, and cannot be excluded from the list for any reason.

Saudi Al Ahly has deducted the ticket to its final role after winning the UAE's national counterpart with a result of 4/2 total of two round-up matches from the 16th floor, while the Iranian Piroozi qualified after he managed to win the country's national tricks with the goal of a clean total of the same league matches.

Ahli won during the stage of the Asian Championship's role in four matches and was drawn in three and lost a match, occupied by second post for the third group after the eye, while the Iranian Piroozi won at three and tied in four games and lost the game.

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