The Deputy Governor of Alexandria was arrested on charges of bribery
EGYPT - ALEXANDRIA: The moment of the arrest of Deputy Governor of Alexandria Souad Khouly

 Al-Khawali, deputy governor of Alexandria, was arrested on charges of bribery. The photos showed that the officers of the administrative control committee of Al-Kholi were taken out of the Alexandria governorate office in the Abis area. 

Al-Khuli was arrested inside the governorate's office last Sunday. A source in the province, who declined to be named, said that the control measures were carried out in conjunction with the meeting of the Crisis and Disaster Management Program for the Governorate of Alexandria, which started at 9 am and extended until 1:30 pm , As it was expected to attend Al-Khuli, but notes that it did not enter the meeting hall despite the presence of the Governor of Alexandria and a number of executive leaders.

The source added that a number of representatives of the Administrative Control Authority attended the General Secretariat of the province this morning and asked to communicate with Dr. Mohammed Sultan in a side session, which lasted for a few minutes, during which they summoned Dr. Suad Al-Khouli from her office without disclosing the reasons or details of the meeting, Closed to discuss some crises. 
The Deputy Governor of Alexandria was arrested on charges of bribery

The source said that the side session ended with the accompaniment of the administrative control representatives of the governorate deputy to her office to inspect and review some files and documents, which ended with the waxing of her office with red wax after the confiscation of some files that were in possession, and then transferred out of the provincial office to investigate, She did not speak a word until she left the building. 

According to administrative control investigations, the defendant was fined amounts and financial gifts and gold jewelry valued at over one million pounds from some businessmen in exchange for exploiting their powers and breaching the duties of the job and stopping and disrupting the implementation of the demolition orders issued for the buildings erected without a license or on the land of the state's property in violation of the law and exempting him from paying fines These violations, which affected the public money in the amount of 10 million pounds, in addition to deliberately hidden elements of illegal wealth in the names of others to avoid prosecution by the Commission.

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