The discovery of 3 tombs dating back to the Ptolemaic era in Menia
The Egyptian Archaeological Mission of the Ministry of Antiquities discovered three archaeological tombs dating back to the Ptolemaic period in the desert region of Kamin, southwest of the city of Samalut in Minya Governorate, during the completion of the excavations carried out by the mission on site in its fourth season, which began last May.

Dr. Ayman Ashmawy, head of the Egyptian Antiquities Department at the ministry, said that the mission found a number of coffins of various shapes and sizes inside the tombs, which helps to learn more secrets of the desert ambush area, in which a large number of graves were uncovered during previous excavation seasons. So far, they have reached nearly 20 cactum-style tombs, which were spread during the Ptolemaic period and consist of a set of burial holes.

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