the famous Russian actress and director Vera Glagoleva died
Beautiful, smart, charming: the actress Vera Glagoleva has died
In Germany, on vacation at the age of 61, the famous Russian actress and director Vera Glagoleva died. Information about the death of the actress was confirmed by her daughter Anna Nakhapetova.

"If you really loved our mother, just pray for the newly-placed servant of God's Faith," Nakhapetova wrote in her Instagram, asking the media not to bother her family.

Officially, the cause of death is not reported, anonymous sources of news agencies say that the actress could die from an oncological disease.

On Glogolova's oncology, she was suspected in March of this year, when she, as reported by the media, was in intensive care in Moscow.

The peak of Vera Glagoleva's acting career fell on the beginning of the 1980s. In 1983, she played a major female role in the film "To marry a captain," receiving critical acclaim.
In 1990, Vera Glagoleva gained fame as a director, filming a film based on the script by Svetlana Grudovich "Broken Light" about actors who, after the collapse of the USSR, can not find a job.

In 2015, the movie "Two Women" with the British Rafe Fiennes in the title role was released, to which Glagoleva also wrote the script.

For her acting career, from 1975 to 2009, Glagoleva starred in 48 films and serials. She was a successful producer - her 2009 project "One War" won an award for directing at the international festival of television films in Monte Carlo and won a Grand Prix at the International Film Festival in Limoges. In total, the film won about 30 awards.

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