The Official Gazette publishes Sisi's decision to establish a youth rehabilitation academy

The Official Gazette publishes Sisi's decision to establish a youth rehabilitation academy
    The Official Gazette publishes Sisi's decision to establish a youth rehabilitation academy
    In its issue of August 28, the Official Gazette published the decision of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to establish the National Academy for Rehabilitation and Training of Youth. 

    The first article of the resolution stipulates the establishment of a public economic body called the National Academy for the Rehabilitation and Training of Youth, which is affiliated to the President of the Republic. Its head office is in the governorate of Cairo and a presidential decree may establish branches in the governorates.

     The second article includes the objectives of the Academy in achieving the requirements of human development in the youth cadres in all sectors of the State and upgrading their abilities through the formulation of their training policies, the development of training plans in all areas, as well as the supervision of all training centers and evaluation of their performance and compliance with the rules and objectives assigned to them. Article 3 stipulates that the Academy shall have a Board of Trustees for a period of three years renewable, headed by the Council of Ministers and with the participation of representatives of the Presidency, the Ministry of Higher Education, the Ministry of Planning, Follow-up and Administrative Reform. The terms of reference of the Academy's Board of Trustees included "the development of public policy and the taking of measures to ensure the implementation of the programs of the Academy in accordance with the timetables set for it, and the approval of contracting with companies and local and foreign experts to implement programs in the areas of the work of the Academy.

    " The resolution obligates the Board of Trustees to invite the Chairman to meet at least once every three months, or whenever necessary. The meeting shall be valid only with the presence of a majority of its members. Article 8 of the resolution stipulates that the Academy shall have an independent budget that is based on the pattern of public economic bodies. It shall have a special account at the Central Bank and shall transfer the surplus from one year to another. Article 9 referred to the resources of the Academy from contributions allocated by the State to it, grants and donations, donations and loans held in its favor, as well as the breadwinner investing academic funds, and the proceeds of fines that are expected to violate the rules applied by the Academy. Article 10 stipulates that "the funds of the Academy shall be public funds, subject to the control of the State's supervisory bodies".
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