The Pentagon is moving military weapons into the sea in preparation for a military move against Korea

The US Strategic Intelligence Agency (EA DAily) revealed that the Pentagon is moving weapons, munitions and tanks to the ports of the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico for processing by sea vessels to other locations, which are still unknown. Some details of recent moves, it may be in preparation for a military strike on North Korea.

According to the US website, which was based on information from a US military blogger, it revealed through social media images and videos documenting US military action in a number of areas, including open places in Texas. The US Department of Defense transferred more than 150 military vehicles to the port In preparation for later shipment.

The source added that the US Department of Defense moved its military equipment several days ago, as if preparing for something. The source was able to trace some vessels that shipped military equipment and mechanisms through a maritime transport application. He found that the ships went to North American ports, The South and the Korean Peninsula, there is likely to be a move towards a pre-emptive military strike against North Korea or a willingness to take any military action by Korea.

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