Tom Cruise broke his ankle on "Mission Impossible"
Tom Cruise broke his ankle, jumping on the roofs of London's skyscrapers on the set of the sixth film "Mission Impossible."
The shooting is interrupted, but the tape will be released on time - in July 2018, assured the studio Paramount Pictures.

Last weekend, Cruise performed another trick, but did not reach the target a bit and crashed into the wall.
The amateur video of the interrupted star flight appeared on Sunday. Later Cruise was noticed lame.
On Wednesday, Paramount Pictures confirmed that the 55-year-old Cruise, who often disregarded the services of stuntmen, was temporarily out of order.

"During the filming of the next movie" Mission Impossible "Tom Cruise broke his ankle, performing a trick," - said the studio.
"The shooting is interrupted until Tom's complete recovery, and the time for the tape to leave the screen remains the same: July 27, 2018".
"Tom thanks everyone for the care and looks forward to the opportunity to share with you the joy of the film next summer."
In the previous series of "Mission", shot by the same director Christopher McQuarrie, Cruise himself performed most of the tricks, including, soared into the sky, clinging to the side of the aircraft.

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