Video: Secrets and Truth of the Bermuda Triangle, Horror Triangle, Devil's Triangle
Video: Secrets and Truth of the Bermuda Triangle, Horror Triangle, Devil's Triangle
Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle

Despite the vastness of modern knowledge and science, man has not been able to reveal mysterious phenomena that continue to occur in many areas of the earth, surprising and questionable, although some cause disasters and kill thousands of victims.

Perhaps the strangest of these phenomena occurring in some parts of the earth (the Bermuda Triangle) killer and the sea of ​​the devil near the coast of Japan both pose a threat to ships and aircraft that disappear without leaving an impact .. Despite the exaggeration sometimes in the story stories and stories about the (Bermuda Triangle) It is clear that the area of ​​the Triangle is mentioned (extending from the island of Bermuda north to Florida to the south and then through the Bahamas away from Puerto Rico about 40 degrees / long before heading back towards Bermuda).

Video: Secrets and Truth of the Bermuda Triangle, Horror Triangle, Devil's Triangle
This area was the scene of tragic events that began to appear clearly since the fifth of December 1945, which has attracted attention since that date. When it was spotted before that date, it was also found that serious events took place in it, with its first date dating back to 1800 BC.

Despite all the hypotheses and possibilities developed by the scientists who studied the region, strange secrets are still unknown and far from logical interpretation and a cause for question and confusion ..

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle
What is the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon? And what are the latest scientific theories that explain the disappearance of ships and aircraft in it?

This is what we will try to answer by reviewing also the latest theory recently announced by the Russian scientist (Henrik Tlalayevsky).

In the Sargas Sea, hundreds of ships, boats, boats and cargo ships disappeared. The first record of the disappearance of the watch was in 1800 when a US ship with 340 sailors disappeared in January of that year.

Video: Secrets and Truth of the Bermuda Triangle, Horror Triangle, Devil's Triangle
On August 20, the American vessel (Kung), carrying 90 people, disappeared without any trace. On October 9, 1814, the ship Waseb disappeared with 140 sailors on board. Ten years later, on 28 October 1824, the Wild Cat (Wild Cat) disappeared with 14 sailors on board. In 1880, on January 15, the vessel (Atlanta) disappeared with 290 passengers on board. 1918 / Skylop disappeared with its cargo and crew of 309 people.

The ships continued to disappear and some were not recorded in the records as well as hundreds of small boats, sailing vessels and fishing boats.

On the night of October 3, 1951, the Brazilian warship São Paulo disappeared quickly without any trace. The biggest incident of panic and panic among the US authorities is the disappearance of the Scorpion in 1968, and inside it 90 people.

Video: Secrets and Truth of the Bermuda Triangle, Horror Triangle, Devil's Triangle
On December 5, 1945, five US Navy aircraft from the Fort Lauderdale base carried out regular reconnaissance missions with fuel sufficient for thousands of miles. It was 2 pm and the sun was bright and the northeasterly winds were moderate. At 3:15 pm "The situation is incomprehensible, we no longer see the west road. Everything seems to be broken. We do not know where we are and in which direction." Minutes later, the tower received new words. "I try to find al-Qaeda as if I were above a church, I can set down the destination of the tower »and answered righteousness A: "The north of the sun where the sun is the shore reaches the base." He replied: "We just flew over one of the small islands and did not see any other islands." They seemed to have completely lost their bearings. The tower did not hear the pilot's talk because of the jamming and was not able to deliver his calls to them. But he received a chattering from among them, Crazy compasses ..

"We are not sure where we are, we think our place is 225 miles north-west of the base, we may have passed Florida and we are over the Gulf of Mexico." The last of the tower was: "If what we see is white water, we have completely set it up." The Marines took off with a crew of thirteen to rescue the aircraft minutes before hearing the last calls of the flight crew. A message from Martin Maris: "There are strong winds at six thousand feet." That was the last word, as it disappeared The number of lost aircraft was reduced to five instead of five, and it was not possible to search for the lost aircraft by sending other planes because the darkness had been solved, although the Coast Guard vessels and boats had been active all night to search for the missing. 316 aircraft including 76 rescue aircraft to search for traces of the wreckage of the plane, and participated in the search of hundreds of private aircraft, adventurous boats, racing yachts, several submarines, eighteen US Navy boats, 380,000 miles in the Atlantic, the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and the islands near Florida , And hours increased Air about four thousand hours, and have not found anything, not even a small effect or floating stage.

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