World champion in powerlifting Andrei Drachev dies in Khabarovsk
World and European champion in power lifting in the category of up to 120 kilograms Andrey Drachev was killed in Khabarovsk. This is reported by AmurMedia.

According to media reports, the athlete succumbed to the provocation of a drunken hooligan in one of the cafes of the city, after which a group of young people appeared who severely beat Dracheva. The ambulance brought the victim to the hospital, where he died in the intensive care unit.

This information was confirmed in his Facebook by the editor-in-chief of the program "Vesti-Khabarovsk", the host of the program "Vesti-sport" Artem Basnin. The police refused to comment on the incident.

July 29 on the coast of Lake Baikal was killed 20-year-old European champion in freestyle wrestling Yuri Vlasko. According to the investigation, after the wrestling tournament, which was held in the Buryat capital, several athletes from different regions of the country decided to go by car to Baikal. They stopped on the beach near the village of Goryachinsk. At night, a mass brawl began, in which the resting young people and one of the local residents participated. During the brawl, Vlasko was stabbed in the chest. The attacker disappeared from the scene of the crime.

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