15 killed due to drowning of Rohingya people, UN chief told Myanmar - now finish this pain
A boat carrying people from the Rohingya community turned over in the maritime border of Bangladesh. At least 15 people were drowned in this incident and many feared to be missing.

On the other hand, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Gatorase requested the leaders of Myanmar to end the 'pain' of refugees. Due to rising Rohingya refugee crisis, the United Nations Security Council will hold a special public meeting on Myanmar. America criticized the country for 'eliminating ethnic minorities' while Beijing and Moscow supported the Myanmar administration.

Rohingya Muslims ready to return to Myanmar, the condition laid

More than five lakh Rohingyas migrated to Bangladesh last month after a tough campaign against the Rohingya rebels by the Buddhist-majority Myanmar army. Eyewitnesses and survivors said that the boat was only a few meters away from the shore in the troubled sea, but due to torrential rains and strong winds, it turned upside down.

Local police inspector Mohammad Kai-Kisleu told AFP that 15 bodies, including at least 10 children and four women, were swept away and there is a possibility that the number of dead can increase. A local shopkeeper Mohammad Suhail told that he was immersed in front of our eyes. After a few minutes, the waves brought the bodies to the shore.

Since 2009, seven members of the Security Council voted to convene the first general meeting of the world body on Myanmar but they could not reach any joint consensus. Gutters urged officials to stop military operations and reach humanitarian aid in the affected western region. Demanding the displaced people to return home because of the conflict, Gutarez said, "The situation in the world is rapidly turning into a problem of disaster, humanity and human rights".

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