Carol Samaha performs her new concert in Lebanon on 4 October 2017
Carole Samaha is preparing for her new concert in the Lebanese capital of Beirut, scheduled for October 4.

She will perform a number of her songs، including “Ana Sahrak”، “Zekrayati”، “Khallik Behalak” and others.

Carole Samaha is a Lebanese singer, actress and artist. She has produced six lyrical albums.

Carol Samaha received her Masters Degree in acting and directing, in 1999 from Saint Joseph University in Beirut.

In 2004, she won the Arab Music Award for Best Rising Singer. She has won several Murex d'Or and has been nominated for the best Arab performance at the 2008 European MTV Music Award.

Before starting her pop career, Carole Samaha was a classical actress and worked extensively with Mansour Rahbani and Marwan Rahbani.

In 2007 Carol Samaha returned to the theater to play Zenobia in Rahbani music.

She appeared in the 2008 film Sea of ​​Stars along with other Lebanese stars. It established its own production company, Lacarma, in 2009.

In 2011, Carole Samaha starred in the television series Al Shahroura, which was broadcast during Ramadan, in the role of Sabah.

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