Chelsea vs Arsenal Live stream today 17 September 2017 English Premier League
The match between Chelsea and Arsenal in the English Premier League , Chelsea and Arsenal will play at 2:30 pm at Stamford Bridge in the fifth round of the English Premier League.

Chelsea enter the game under the leadership of Italian coach Antonio Conte, and is in third place with 9 points from 4 games.
While Asnal is in 12th place with 6 points, led by coach Arsene Wenger.

Chelsea and Arsenal .. A hot London top in the English Premier League
The Stamford Bridge stadium will be at 2:30 pm on Sunday, the scene of the London derby between Chelsea and Arsenal at the top of the Premier League's fifth round of matches.

Chelsea are third in the league table with nine points ahead of the round, which they drew from three consecutive wins at Tottenham, Everton and Leicester City after suffering a bitter defeat in the first game against Burnley, while Arsenal are 11th with 6 points after two wins and two defeats.

The excitement and fun will be the title of the game Chelsea and Arsenal today under the motives of the poles of the British capital, "London" to win.

Chelsea are looking for a fourth consecutive win to continue their race for the top spot in the English Premier League, which seeks to retain their title for the second season in a row, while the game enters a high morale after a wide win last week against Azerbaijan's Karabakh with a clean sixth in the Champions League .

On the other hand, Arsenal fear the third consecutive defeat outside the English Premier League this season after losing to Stoke City for a free and Liverpool 4-0, seeking to win the third straight in various English and European competitions after beating Bournemouth three clean in the last round at the stadium " United Arab Emirates, before beating Cologne 3-1 on the same pitch in the first round of the Euroleague Championships.

Although Arsenal have not managed to defeat Chelsea in their home court since 2011, they are seeking to continue their superiority over the Blues after winning 2-1 in the FA Cup final in May and a 4-1 win over Kicks. In the game "Shield charity" held last month, the stadium is "Wembley" is the host of the two games.

Chelsea vs Arsenal 0:0

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