Clarke Carlisle Former Burnley and Leeds defender missing
The former Burnley and Leeds defender Clarke Carlisle is missing as his family has made clear, and appeals to the police and his family to help find him, police said Friday.

Carlyle is believed to have traveled to Manchester after being seen by a family member in Preston on Thursday.

"We have received a report that Clark Carlyle, 37, of Preston is absent from the house," a Lancashire police statement said.

Clarke Carlisle Former Burnley and Leeds defender, has played more than 500 games for 9 clubs during his career since 1997 to 2013, suffering from mental illness according to medical reports.

He had set up a mental health charity called the Clarke Carlisle Dual Diagnostic Foundation - a case described as "mental health problems as a result of drug or alcohol abuse".

Clarke Carlisle tried to integrate into his private life since December 2014 after a battle with depression, alcoholism and gambling.

Lancashire police said he was last seen by a family member in Preston at about 2:30 pm on Thursday. Last seen was wearing a blue black jacket, a black shirt, and blue jeans.

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