Creating gloves to convert sign language to text messages
Scientists have unveiled an electric glove ($ 100) that can convert sign language to text messages to enhance deaf and mute ability to communicate with others.

The glove is designed to help deaf and mute send messages to those who do not understand sign language, according to the inventors.

The device, developed at the University of California, San Diego, converts 26 characters from the American Sign Language (ASL) to text that is displayed on a smartphone or computer.

Sign language is the only form of communication between deaf and dumb, according to statistics. This is because learning written languages ​​can be difficult, without the ability to understand sounds that correspond to certain words.

Creating gloves to convert sign language to text messages
"Sign language is the first language for thousands of people in Britain, so modern technology will change their lives completely," says Jesel Vishnoram, director of technology research at the Foundation for Hearing Loss.

The innovative device consists of sports gloves, equipped with 9 sensors on the joints of the fingers, extending when the user swings his fingers, resulting in the production of an electrical signal, processed by the program to know the meaning of the movement.

Motion sensors are also placed on the underside of the glove, to record hand movement and stillness, allowing the possibility of distinguishing between certain characters, such as "I" and "J".

Creating gloves to convert sign language to text messages
The information is sent from the glove via Bluetooth, to an application on the smartphone or computer, in order to display a translated version of the message.

"Gloves have overtaken previous inventions, because they are flexible and lightweight," says Timothy O'Connor, who is currently developing the technology.

At present, innovation can interpret only letters instead of words. Although it is able to translate ASL, it is not suitable for those using BSL, because US sign language is based on one hand only.

The researchers added that modern technology could be used to control robots in the future.

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