david meade: planet Nibiru is about to destroy the earth September 2017
David Meade, worried about the end of the earth and the destruction of humanity within weeks, warned again that the mysterious planet "Nibiru" is about to destroy the earth, according to his theory, will be the end of the world between 20 and 23 September, asserting that the evidence confirms the validity of his claim written on pyramids Giza and in the Bible.

"It is very strange that both the Bible and the Great Pyramid of Giza refer to the same date as September 2017. Is this the end of the Church era and the transition to the Day of the Lord?" Said david meade, according to the website of the Daily Mail. There will be greater evidence. "

david meade believes that Nibiru, also known as Planet X, will become visible in the sky around mid-September before colliding with our planet.

Earlier this year, David meade predicted the collision of the earth, citing verses from the Bible, but he is now said to be sure of this date by some signs of the pyramids.

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