Egyptian pilgrims return to homeland after performing rituals of Al-Hajjaj

Egyptian pilgrims return to homeland after performing rituals of Al-Hajjaj
    Egyptian pilgrims return to homeland after performing rituals of Al-Hajjaj
    launch on Wednesday morning the air bridge, which is being operated by Egypt Air, for the return of the pilgrims to the homeland after the performance of the rituals, in which the company is expected to transport more than 70 thousand pilgrims on board about 320 flights from Jeddah and Medina.

    Safwat Muslim, chairman of the Egypt Air Holding Company, said that the airlift officially begins on Wednesday, taking the first flight 658 from Al-Hajjaj city in Jeddah at 8.10 am, to the seasonal flights terminal at Cairo airport, with a total of 12 flights this day, Hajj pilgrims from the tourism and solidarity and transit, while starting the air bridge for the return of pilgrims from Medina on Friday, after the arrival of pilgrims to the city of the Holy Prophet and visit the House of Sharif, and the return phase of intensifying flights since the beginning and start counting down at the end of the season, which is scheduled to conclude On September 22 of Dah, and on September 25 of the city of Medina.

    Egypt Air decided to have passport officers in coordination with the Ministry of the Interior on some large-scale flights to complete the procedures of pilgrims on board aircraft.

    He added that the mission of the company from various disciplines that traveled from Cairo to serve the pilgrims in the stage of return, received work sites at the airports of Jeddah and Medina, as well as the offices of the company in Jeddah and the city has become ready to operate flights in coordination with the Saudi authorities, and all parties involved in the season in Egypt and Saudi Arabia , After holding several meetings to check on the regularity of the air bridge and avoid any problems.

    The pilot, Sherif Ezzat, head of Egypt Air, told Pilgrim Airlines that they need to follow the instructions, which facilitate their return journey from the Holy Land, which includes meeting deadlines for travel tickets, and pre-departure flights in 8 hours in the city of pilgrims in Jeddah, And the need to be bound not to take cloths and bags, while allowing two bags not exceeding the weight of each of the 23 kg and a handbag weighing 8 kg, and more than that is collected in cash, In addition, Z to allow an explosive Zamzam water authorized by the Saudi authorities (Zamzam watering) 5 liters.

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