Free live broadcast TV channels frequencies for the 2017/2018 Champions League
The European Champions League, through several open channels on the satellite, satellite, satellite, satellite, satellite and satellite, will broadcast all the games for free on the European satellite Hotbird , as well as the Astra channel and several satellites that will broadcast Champions League matches Europe for Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United for free and without encryption.

List of Champions League free channels this season and their frequencies:

AZ TV: Frequency 11169 on azerSpace 46 ° E with horizontal , 20400 encoding 

IRIB Tv3 Iranian channel: frequency 11900 polarization - moon Badr 26 ° E.

IDMAN TV channel: frequency 11169/ h  - AzerSpace 46 ° E,  20400 encoding .

 Channel Iran TV3: frequency 11555/v, encoding /30000 - satellite Intelsat 902.

German ZDF channel: 11954/h - Astra  encoding /27500

Channel Italia 1: 11371 / H- Hot Bird satellite Codec : 29900

Channel 3 Sport: Frequency: 11293 / V- Encoding / 27500 -Afghan sat 1

Channel Rah-e-Farda Frequency: 11293 /V - coding : 27500 on  Afghansat 1

The exclusive group of exclusive tournament games is the network of the BN Sport channels through HD1 channels to HD15.

 BeiN Sport Sport Frequency

The Arabic package can be received from the HD1 channel to the hd10 channel via frequency 12264 and 12475 on the horizontal polarization on the Egyptian satellite NileSat, while the encoding rate is 27500, and the frequency of the Bein Sports global channel from HD11 to HD15 can be received on Frequency 10853 horizontal polarization.

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